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Salon of digital textile printing «TextilePrint»

VII International Exhibition of Fabrics and Textile Materials "INTERFABRIC"

September 3-6,2019   Pavilion 1, Expocentre, Moscow
Textile Deco & Interior

The TextilePrint Salon is an international exhibition venue where manufacturers and suppliers of digital printing equipment for textiles are represented, as well as companies offering digital printing services for textiles in any volume, including printing on finished products.



In the framework of the International Exhibition
of Fabricsand Textile Materials INTERFABRIC

Salon of digital textile printing «TextilePrint»

Salon «TextilePrint» - Salon “TextilePrint” is the main event about digital printing on textiles in Russia. The special positioning in the pavilion and the proximity of potential customers of textile production and suppliers in the framework of the INTERFABRIC exhibition will allow target customers to easily find and get to know all the exhibitors of the Salon, to work out the entire exposition as comfortable and qualitatively as possible.

The presence of fashion designers and designers of fabrics at the INTERFABRIC exhibition gives the participants of the Salon the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and find reliable partners, attract investments for the development of new directions, increase the number of customers and load equipment as much as possible, as well as get information about current trends and new developments in the digital printing market in Russia.

Salon sections:

Printing houses (printing production):

► Printing on finished products,

► Printing on synthetic fabrics,

► Printing on natural fabrics,

► Production of advertising and flag products.


► Printers for printing on finished products and cut,

► Sublimation printers (printing on synthetic fabrics),

► Textile printers (printing on natural fabrics),

► Equipment for thermal transfer printing,

► Calanders for sublimation printing,

► Equipment for processing fabrics before and after digital printing,

► Color control systems.


► To create designs for fabrics and finished products,

► 3D visualization.


  • In the framework of the International Exhibition of Fabrics and Textile Materials INTERFABRIC - more than 150 manufacturers and suppliers of fabrics, about 7,000 potential customers from Russia, regions of Russia, countries of near and far abroad,
  • The opportunity to demonstrate the unique advantages of equipment / business,
  • Increase brand awareness in the digital printing services market,
  • Investment attraction,
  • Development of new business areas.